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Civil Underground Limited has accepted a paradigm shift in the procurement process whereby the cheapest solutions lead to false economies, stemming from escalated expenses for short-term, poor quality solutions.

For some time we have adopted a process by which we measure and compare the sustainability of proposed solutions within the procurement processes.

Using best practice models for tender evaluations in frameworks focused on sustainability being the end objective.

Within all our procurement objectives we insist on being realistic and proportionate.

Witnessing many incidents of unsustainable tendering submissions and their consequent disputes and severe financial ramifications we focus on value for money that you will not find in the cheapest solutions.

Surrounded by the concepts of false economies we have insisted on engaging in responsible procurement and stewardship of our assets.

Realising most engineers and project managers are time poor this is where Civil Underground excels.
Simply stated - Tell Us.

  • what you want us to do, and leave the rest to us
  • what resources you may want, and leave the rest to us
  • what resources you may want, and leave the rest to us
  • what are your health and safety guidelines, and leave the rest to us
  • what are your budgets, and leave the rest to us
  • what is your project time line, and leave the rest to us
  • you need our input, and leave the rest to us

We try our very best to supply a level of sustainable procurement while being associated with our environmental management and health and safety policies and procedures

While analysing the broader implications or impacts of environmental and health and safety management of any project we seek knowledge for consideration of the relevance of other sustainability criteria, to name a few, social and economic outcomes.

While recognising there is no “one size fits all “within the scopes of sustainable procurement we take a holistic view and make it “a fit “

In engineering a sustainable procurement process we have ensured that we work with the best standard suppliers and partners to ensure there will not be any waste of time in expensive activities involved in preparing and evaluating supplier tender/partner responses who may have inappropriate skills, capability, experience or resources.

Our Overview Is:

  • Ascertain how well we can mitigate risk
  • What added value can be applied

Seeking out relevant project specific issues that relate to sustainability we elicit tangible weighted questions so that their relevance and importance are appropriately factored into our procurement document.

Because of legal and other requirements we have focused on in house publishing of manuals, guides, policy and procedure documents that are specifically designed to create workable tools for our procurement processes.

Our Request for Tender (RFT) documents are submitted with high ethical standards and we will not allow any form of misleading information that may override the integrity of Civil Underground or place our clients into any form of jeopardy.