Civil Underground is most alert to the nature and degree of subsidence within the Auckland region. Subsidence is mainly caused by the variety of clay type soils. Much of Auckland city is built on the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF) which contains about 50 monogenetic volcanoes, and resulting volcanic ash soils. Auckland also has clay soils with widely varying moisture content.

The last thing that any property owner or project manager wants to hear, is that all the hard work done has been undone by subsidence. Then there is insurance costs because many insurance companies do not cover subsidence.

One of the most significant causes of subsidence is soil saturation and it is here that Civil Underground can detect possibilities and alert owners and project managers of the possible consequences

Before and during work Civil Underground assesses the soil and if needs be obtains the services of a specialist such as a Geotechnical engineer or an Engineer geologist

In many cases adverse soil conditions may not come to notice until some way through the project.

A critical aspect of Civil Underground’s work is understanding each site’s ground conditions and any soil bearing capacity.

The avoidance of subsidence can on occasions be complex and this is why Civil Underground uses competent specialists.

It may cost money but that cost is far less (on most occasions) than undertaking repair and remedial work when subsidence takes place

If it comes to a point where ground stabilisation, strengthening and remediation is required yet again Civil Underground will if required engage with one of its support partners

There will be occasions when Civil Underground will be able to do the work ourselves, if so, it will executed to high standards and within our capabilities.

Here are some well-known quotes on planning that Civil Underground refers to:-

  • If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail
  • Poor planning on your part doesn’t necessitate an emergency on ours
  • If you don’t know where you are going you are going to end up someplace else
  • Always plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.