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Subdivisions in Auckland are many and varied, large and small but wherever or whatever they are, Civil Underground has a good degree of required expertise ranging from project managers, surveyors, specialised engineers, drainlayers and subdivision contractors.

The preparatory work is rather extensive and could include resource consents, registering certain easements, meeting local authority specifications including compliance with a district plan, Civil Underground can do all that work for you.

We line up our professionals which include an excellent relationship with a Civil Consultant, Town Planner and a Surveyor and discuss the project and ensure that the requirements of any resource consent are met. The survey work will be reviewed and agreed to. All earthworks and any building platforms will be designed by the stated qualified professionals.

The siting of utilities such as electricity, water and or gas will require clarity as to location, depth and so on and these will be factored into any planning.

Once all the preparatory work is complete Civil Underground will undertake the project with the overview of doing it once, right and safety.

Using competent staff supported by high quality vehicles, machinery and equipment all work will be carried out according to industry standards and withib the project plan.

Civil Underground engages in partnerships with like-minded companies and while on any project they are completely under the management of Civil Underground. Because of this, we can access a significant range of project resources that will meet all the needs required to complete the project on time and within budget.

Civil Underground has available a health and safety consultant with 15 NZQA health and safety qualifications and is an NZQA approved health and safety tutor. Health and safety is a top priority at all times.

Supporting all this Civil Underground has an extensive library of manuals, guidelines, policies and procedures and forms which staff are familiar with to ensure project compliance and to protect all from adverse comment or behaviours and provide for continual improvement.



PHONE 09 813 0909

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