The Quality Assurance Statement of Civil Underground is a statement that is supported by Executive Management and inclusive of all staff. The objective of the statement is to ensure that there is a robust process of verifying that all our services meet or exceed customer expectations.

Civil underground’s Quality Assurance is a process-driven approach with defined steps to assist in establish and attaining agreed goals. Within this process Civil Underground advocates design models. Development, production and service. Civil Underground uses the PCDA model.

Civil Underground’s goal is always to ensure that excellence prevails in every facet of the process. Because of this, the company insists on attention to detail and seek customer feedback to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the service delivery.


In order to ensure that Quality Assurance begins at an optimized performance level, planning is vital that any project begins where and as it should. The ongoing audit is imperative to satisfy Civil Underground and its customer that the project is meeting or exceeding customer expectations. The corrections of flaws immediately is imperative to the excellence of Quality Assurance. Within the entire process, Civil Underground insists that the customer’s expectations are measurable and accountable and this is included within a Quality Assurance project.

It is the intention of Civil Underground that by executing Quality Assurance of excellence that will provide for long term relationships. To achieve this, Civil Underground will engage in best practice, good social skills, communication skills, unilateral thinking which will engage with our customers collaboratively to work together as a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More).


Civil Underground gathers and implements semantics from the customer, not disfigured specifications. While insisting on high stands and diligently questioning issues, Civil Underground insists that Quality Assurance is critical to any business relationship.

In order to optimize results, Civil Underground wherever possible combines the Quality Management Plan with the Quality Assurance Project Plan into a single document while making sure the combined document addresses satisfactorily all of the element of both documents.

Civil Underground

In formulating a Quality Assurance Project Plan, Civil Underground will carry out the following:

  • Enquires what is required based on facts.
  • Present a project team with the appropriate skills and expertise.
  • Plan what can and is to be done, especially relative to data collection that will support all requirements.
  • Draft a Quality Assurance Management Plan.
  • Present the plan for peer review, solicitation of input, relevant approvals and modifications as required.
  • Make sure all relevant staff involved in the project receives a copy of the plan
  • Implement the plan while addressing issues of changes to the Plan, re-approvals of any changes and the distribution of any re-approved plans.

The Quality Assurance plans will vary in complexity and shall be drafted in accordance with the project’s requirements and specifications.

Any Quality Assurance plan shall be modeled to take into account Civil Underground’s Health and Safety, Environmental compliance, Noise control, Community engagement and other company policies and Administration and Procedure requirements. Also factored into the plan will be relevant regulatory and other requirements of the customer.