There is comment about “being back to normal – nearly “We think that our economy will never be the same as pre-COVID 19

Civil Underground taunted itself with new ideas and how to come out of the pandemic success fighting.

Developing the theme – Survive – Revive – Thrive we undertook a thorough review of how we do things and to ensure our branding and reputation remained high in the order of things

It was obvious that we had to change to meet the new market impacts and our first consideration was our people. Regretfully, our restructure caused redundancies and that was painful.

We redeveloped policies and procedures where we acknowledge our staff as a valued business asset and we developed incentive and reward systems. Our Health and Safety meetings are supported by a staff BBQ or special breakfast

We are relocating in West Auckland to ensure we constrain costs and meet our obligations within this difficult financial time

One of our staff has been caught in China and applications to bring her back have been unsuccessful. We threw everything we could to engage our embattled staff member and with the assistance of IT people we have been able to use some of her services by remote computer contact. Google is frowned on in China.

We have learnt that staff do not have to be in the office all the time and can work from home. Connecting our staff in their homes with computer and communication technology has improved production, reduced costs and our staff enjoy the experience.

Our response to our customers and suppliers have also been subject to review where we have developed a new Probity statement and a framework for tenders/procurement. There has been a thorough review of our financials and we hope in the very near future we will complete the new computer systems that will likewise improve our cash flow including our accounts in and out.

Our new organisational chart is more definitive and it is offering better clarity to roles

We are engaging staff with improved qualifications and experience and using an excellent contractor to support the upskilling of staff

Remember – we are here to listen and here to help and work in partnership with our clients to ensure both our businesses are successful – T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More