The Covid 19 lockdown has been disruptive to a lot of businesses including Civil Underground but we have insisted that the event will not obstruct us.

During the lockdown we have been engaged in a hive of activity to ensure we are crisis fighting and support our valued clients

Being mindful of the stresses imposed on business we have been looking at ways to support our clients and assist them to gain traction in this new business environment.

The Covid 19 pathogen is a hostile organism which we do not fully understand and it has caused the imposition of a plethora of constraints on our personal lives and business operations.

During the lockdown we have focused on our Health and Safety Manual. We have reviewed every section of it to ensure it is current in detail, law and best practice. It is a comprehensive document with key policies, procedures and forms

We have added new features to it to deal with pandemic requirements and made it sensible and proportionate and  relevant to business today

We have reviewed all our other policies, procedures and forms and held staff toolbox meetings to engage with our staff

Over pinning all that we have engaged in a comprehensive personal appraisal exercise giving our staff the opportunity to convey to us their opinions and ideas on their careers and engagement in working with us. We have undertaken a staff related S.W.O.T. analysis and the staff have told us how they see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Civil Underground business, it was a worthwhile exercise

Our toolbox meetings have been expanded to include a BBQ breakfast to promote comradery. Our monthly employee of the month programme has been enhanced. Our recognition of staff birthdays and other personal events have been enlarged to ensure we value our staff

Therefore, engage on the journey with us to make New Zealand the great place it is. Just tell us what you want and we will come back to you with our superb ideas. We do our tasks, ONCE RIGHT AND SAFELY Kia Kaha