COVID 19 has sure had a substantial impact on business, more so SME’s

During the lockdown we at Civil Underground used every precious moment to rethink and reset our business ensuring that whatever Alert level existed we would be crisis fighting.

Given the scientific evidence surrounding COVID 19, it appears it will be with us one way or the other for some time and we will not see the end of it until a vaccine becomes available and that could be 12 months away.

During this time we have been bombarded with information and workplace requirements that has imposed operational obstructions and extra costs on business. To us, this is because people who know nothing about business are the ones drafting policies, procedures, standards, codes of practice and legislation. Industry consultation would go a long way to improve this.

Whatever has been thrown at us, we have taken on board our responsibilities to cope with this new workplace environment which regrettably has ended up with an extended “paper war “.Wayne McNeil Civil Underground’s General Manager says “Regardless of the complexities associated with a plethora of directives, it is paramount we care for our staff and all those associated with the Civil Underground business so we will implement best practice in all that is required of us”

Physical distancing has required new workplace methodologies and our Operations Manager John Hett has been extremely busy visiting our growing number of worksites to ensure best standard work performance is being executed while taking on board the new workplace health and safety requirements.

Many Civil Underground staff during the shutdown endured varying impacts on their personal life. We stayed in constant contact with them via memoranda, e-mails, telephone calls, birthday and arrival of a baby cards

Tim Mahoney, The Director and owner of Civil Underground comments “ With a raft of new initiatives, improved vehicles and equipment and eager staff we have hit the road running gaining more work because of our performance standards, prices and partnering with our clients  regardless of COVID“.

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